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The Best SaaS VCs & Builders use Public Comps

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Search for the companies and company categories you want to benchmark


Select the graphs that you want to visualize


Compare and benchmark a company across the metrics that matter!


Click on a bar chart and see the underlying formula and data source


Why you should choose Public Comps

Non-GAAP Data

We scrape SaaS metrics that matter like retention, customers, ACV, employee count, revenue breakdown


Get all the historical financials from a company into excel so you can start analyzing and modeling

Analyst Estimates

We partner with Zacks to provide a time series of metrics like NTM Revenue from analyst estimates

Excel Export

Want data to analyze yourself? Easily export our data in Excel

Instant Benchmarks

Need EV/NTM Revenue or what is best in class payback periods? Get benchmarks and comps instantly

Excel Plugin

We provide plugins so you can automatically pull in data into Excel or Google Sheets

The best investors & builders use Public Comps

“Public Comps allows me to keep track of the valuation multiples in software and consumer subscription. Instead of having to manually calculate the metrics in excel, public comps automates the work for me.”
David Cheng
Vice President at DCM
"Public Comps gives me clean, accurate, updated data to quickly understand what’s happening in markets and how to think about valuing assets. If you’re interested or working in investing, it’s invaluable."
Spencer Peterson
Principal at Bedrock
"Public Comps is the best resource for anyone investing in software companies. It allows our team to quickly benchmark investments against the best public software companies to know what’s good and what’s best-in-class."
Sabrina Hahn
Partner at Alpha Asia

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