About Us

About Us

Story of Public Comps

As a VC associate, Jon was sick and tired of manually going through SEC filings or company press releases and entering and gathering non-GAAP data into a spreadsheet. He realized that traditional data vendors like CapIQ had GAAP metrics but didn't have the SaaS metrics that mattered like ARR, retention, ACV, payback period, etc. There weren't any good alternatives.

Luckily, Jon and his roommate Howard decided to team up to automate the very tedious process of scraping SaaS metrics & visualizing them into graphs.

Our hope for Public Comps is to supercharge SaaS by organizing and visualizing the most important SaaS metrics for public software companies so you can focus on investing.

Public Comps Team

Jon Ma (Co-Founder)

Howard Chen (Advisor)

Albert Wang (Advisor)

Eric Tran (Operations Director)

Autumn (Engineer)

Alli Nakamura (Design)

Kevin Xu (Engineer)

Huyen Phan (Advisor)

Aneesh (Growth)

Jimmy Zhou (Growth)


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